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The Art of Story

Across artistic disciplines, one thing brings my practice together: the Art of Story.  

Story has the ability to bring people together. Shared experience creates empathy, understanding and transformation. 

I am committed to sharing story in beautiful, truthful and believable way through my work as an actor/ actress, writer and public artist.




I am available for projects as an actor/ actress on stage, screen or voice over.

For further information please contact:

Jay Fox at

1  (403)  560-1048

Current Projects:

Red Letter Day- currently playing at festivals  worldwide:

Circle of Steel- audience favourite at the Calgary International Film Festival:

Kiss Me in the Rain Audiobook



For more information regarding writing commissions for stage or screen, please contact me directly at the link above.

Current Projects:

Asvoria Media- new screenplay  currently in development:

Public Art


I focus on Community Cultural Development and Social Practice, using contemporary art practices to create high quality artistic products that engage the community in new ways.  

You can hear me speak about more about public art in this podcast:

For more information on Public Art project management and planning please go to:


Current Projects:

cREative Realm

Artists working in Community- currently in our fifth year, there are three new projects coming soon as a part of this year’s program:

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Dawn van de Schoot